Women's Fitness

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Keeping fit isn't all about exercise. Women's Fitness just posted a double page spread on nutrition from Betsy's Mums nutrition expert Stephanie Ridley. Go Girl!!!!

New Betsy's Mum HQ

The Betsy's Mum crew are very excited today. We have just moved into our new office in Dalston. There is an amazing roof garden above with loads of vegetable patches and incredible views over London. 

Bring on the Summer!

Now Magazine


More nutritious advice from our very own Stephanie Ridley advising Now readers how to look after their diet. 

Spread the word! Nutrition is key!!!!


Stephanie Ridley our wonderful Nutritionist has been a very busy bunny. All the magazines want to pick her brains. Luckily Steph likes to share her knowledge, making the world a healthier place, one nutritious step at a time.

Go Steph!!

Pizza Time!


We recently linked up with Mothers Meeting and Pizza East to create a wonderful Pizza workshop. All the chefs at Pizza East were great and had no problem with the kids getting in the kitchen and making some crazy pizza's. Check out our Gallery to see some pics or have a look at one of our reviews here

Fabric Magazine

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Here we go again, these huge magazines just can't get enough of Betsy's Mum nutritionist, Stephanie Ridley. Don't worry, she's staying with us, unless the chains break!



If you want to hear a bit more from Stephanie Ridley, our expert in child nutrition, then check out the Kiddicare website where she will be writing an exciting new blog..